Eat Tamarind to Kill Cancer Cells

What is Tamarind?

Tamarind is a tasty sweet and sour fruit that has its own special taste. It grows on trees. The tartness of this fruit is extremely tasty and its pulp can be eaten alone with the addition of sugar and salt. There is also an ingredient that is used in various Asian delicacies.

Health Benefits of Tamarinda include support for a healthy heart, diabetes management, strengthening the immune system, preventing heat shock, supporting weight loss, helping the development of muscles and nerves, supporting digestion and preventing an ulcer.

Other benefits include cancer prevention, slowing down the aging process and combating colds and flu.
Tamarind contains vitamins such as E, C, B, and multiple minerals. A complete nutritional value can be determined for 100 grams of pulp as:

Calcium 35-170 mg, potassium 375 mg, vitamin A 15 IU, thiamin 0.16 mg, tartaric acid 8-23.8 mg, phosphorus 54-110 mg, protein 3.10 g, magnesium 92 mg, riboflavin 0.07 mg. Advantages. Young leaves contain 63 mg of sulfur and 101 mg of calcium.

Tamarind has long been regarded as a natural laxative and its dietary fiber content is the main reason for this property. If you consume it as fruit or as a spice, you can increase the effectiveness of your digestive system because fibers can gather your chair, which makes it easy to move through the smooth muscle of the intestinal tract.

It is also a yellowish substance, which means it stimulates the activity of the bile, which can help dissolve food faster, and the fibers stimulate gastric juices to accelerate digestion.

One study suggests that a specific phytochemical, geraniol, can play a role in suppressing pancreatic tumor growth, justifying further research into new potential cancer treatments.

11 Impressive health benefits of Tamarind

  1. Healthy heart
  2. Diabetes
  3. Immunity Boosting Properties
  4. Beat The Heat
  5. Weight loss
  6. Helps develop muscles and nerves
  7. Digestion benefits
  8. Prevention of ulceration
  9. Can help prevent cancer
  10. Anti-Aging
  11. Antihistamine